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Agugwe School Water Initiative

Fundraising Goal:

Agugwe Primary School is the oasis of education in a very remote Agugwe village in Moyo District in West Nile, Uganda. This school is a home to over 500 children who have been moving long distances to fetch water for use at home and at school. The school previously had a rainwater collection tank where the community, school children, and staff collected water for cooking and washing, but over time it has deteriorated and is no longer usable. The walk for water has greatly interfered with the school schedule and many children are missing a significant amount of learning by arriving late to school. Pipeline Worldwide will purchase a new tank and refurbish the rainwater collection system to ensure that this school and the neighboring community can access safe and clean water especially during the rainy season. This project will also help reduce the risk to waterborne diseases which will improve the health and education outcomes in the village of Agugwe.

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