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Pipeline Worldwide Lonyi Village

Fundraising Goal:

Project Updates

Pipeline Worldwide (PW) will build and operate a humanitarian short-term lodging and training center in Moyo, Uganda that will serve as a base of operations for all projects and initiatives sponsored or conducted by PW in the area. All structures will be built with a focus on sustainability, using local materials and labor as much as possible. The campus is intended to be peaceful and quiet and provide an opportunity for reflection. It is important that the campus maintain a Ugandan feel and avoid any western aesthetic. The lodging, café and other structures will be comfortable and provide reliable utilities to the extent that reliability can be designed into a compound at this location. It is intended that the campus be a recruiting tool that will draw humanitarian professionals and other workers to the Moyo area and be an influence on their decision to return.

Pipeline will develop this compound on a parcel of land located approximately 5.3 kilometers (3.3 miles) west of the town of Moyo. The property is situated about .5 km west of the future site of the Moyo Province central office compound. As such, there are improvements planned for the road and extension of public water to the site. 

Our village will be designed and operated with the mission to improve the lives of the people of Moyo. We plan to do this through 4 areas of focus:
  • Development – Building infrastructure including sustainable water, power and construction solutions.

  • Healthcare –Improving access and affordability of care, provide opportunities for advanced training, and improve ability to access and afford resources for both the patients and healthcare providers.

  • Education – Improve extreme poverty through opportunities to trade and technical programs as well as improve school infrastructure.

  • Economic Development and Empowerment – Identify and develop programs that will focus on a family’s ability to provide and sustain their basic needs and the opportunity to earn a living wage.

Structures Include:

  • 16 cottages for individual or two-person guest suites

  • “Learn” Building – two classrooms including a healthcare hands-on training lab and a computer lab/ for ongoing virtual learning and collaboration along with a couple of teacher offices and small group huddle spaces

  • “Meet” Building – This is Pipeline Worldwide’s administrative offices including a conference room, two private offices, and an open office for 6 additional staff members.  Building will also have a reception area for guest registration and services.

  • Pavilion with kitchen and indoor/outdoor café

  • Staff Housing to accommodate 6

  • WASH Facility for staff – water, sanitation, and hygiene

  • Borehole

  • Director’s House

  • Security Gate and Fencing

  • Demonstration Gardens

Additional Scope:

  • Bus

  • Maintenance Truck/ATV with trailer

Structure and Phasing:

  • Preconstruction | Design of Civil and Utilities, Phase 1 Structures

  • Phase 1 | 12 Cottages, Cafe/Pavilion, Administrative, Underground Utilities

  • Phase 2 | Learning Center, Staff Housing, WASH, Landscaping

  • Phase 3 | 4 Cottages, Director's Housing, Farm and Garden Support Buildings

Construction Schedule and Costs:

  • Preconstruction | June 2022 to June 2023 | $178,000

  • Phase 1 | June 2023 to June 2024 | $1,046,000

  • Phase 2 | January 2024 to February 2025 | $329,000

  • Phase 3 | January 2025 to November 2023 | $247,000


Thank You Donors!

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