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Moyo Hospital
Neonatal Initiative

Fundraising Goal:

Moyo General Hospital is the largest hospital in Moyo Province and serves about 300,000 people. It is the recipient of the more severe cases like trauma and complicated births, coming from 20 lower-level health centers located in deep rural areas. Moyo Hospital delivers about 5,000 babies a year and many of these babies end up in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Far too many of these babies are lost due to power reliability issues, unacceptable water quality, lack of proper training and lack of modern equipment. Below is an excerpt from an email from the NICU head nurse.

Hoping this email finds you well. As regards to our previous conversation on the needs and challenges faced in the management of preterm at Moyo General Hospital I would love to share with you some of the needs.

Equipment Needed

  1. An incubator 

  2. suction machine 

  3. ventilators 

  4. CPAP machine that is power consumption friendly 

Existing Challenges

  1. The power supply is not sufficient to run the existing incubators and other machines in the NICU, we end up losing the preterm as a result of not having an alternative source of power

  2. The water supply in the NICU is inadequate hence as source of infection 

  3. The NICU staff don't have skills and knowledge on how to perform intubation mostly for the babies with Birth Asphyxia with severe respiratory distress, a training on how to intubate is really crucial for survival of these babies.

 We remain grateful for the support you have given us and hoping we shall get a response towards this.

These are not easy problems to solve but we have a plan which includes addressing power, water, equipment, and training issues.

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