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Moyo Hospital
Neonatal Initiative

Fundraising Goal:

Moyo General Hospital is the largest hospital in Moyo Province and serves about 300,000 people. It is the recipient of the more severe cases like trauma and complicated births, coming from 20 lower-level health centers located in deep rural areas. Moyo Hospital delivers about 5,000 babies a year and many of these babies end up in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Far too many of these babies are lost due to power reliability issues, unacceptable water quality, lack of proper training and lack of modern equipment.

Pipeline Worldwide Funded the Following Projects:

  • Backup power

  • Supplemental support for new twins

  • Transport for spina binida newborn

  • Midwife Training

  • Two new incubators

Moyo Hospital NICO Receives Two New Incubators

In continuation of Pipeline’s dedication to improving healthcare initiatives in the most impoverished areas of Uganda, we have made several note-worthy partnerships with hospitals that are in dire need of life-saving resources. Back in July of 2022, the only working incubator in an over-crowded NICU experienced a devastating 4-hour power loss with no back-up generator, which led to the loss of lives for two babies. Pipeline immediately reacted with a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for an emergency power solution in case it happened again. However, in late January of 2023, that sole incubator broke down completely and again, Pipeline immediately sent out another GoFundMe campaign to purchase a new one. In response, our generous donors once again came through. Yet, behind every success story, there is an invisible force! Not only did the NICU receive one brand new incubator, but thanks to the generous donation of Brian and Misty Brooks, we purchased a second one! Both were installed on March 6, 2023, and triplets were the first beneficiaries followed by twins! According to the head NICU nurse, they recently received an award for “the best performing unit in reducing peri natal death”.  She thanked Pipeline by saying, “the NICU team wishes to dedicate this award to Pipeline Worldwide. These incubators are a game changer and something that would take our health system ages to implement. Behind every success story there is an invisible force and to us, YOU are that invisible force! God bless Pipeline”.

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