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Stories you can feel.
Told first-hand.

Browse through our Pipeline Worldwide Reflection Blog to hear from Pipeline volunteers and travelers who share their unique and visceral experiences making a difference in East Africa.

WELL Loved

Bless a Child Foundation isn’t responsible for curing children with cancer. They are responsible for providing hope when there is despair, comfort when there is grief, dignity when there is shame, and love when there is nothing else.

WELL Loved.webp


Although Catherine has spent every minute of every day laying on her stomach for the last four years, she has believed in her healing.

The Gift from a
Rural Village in
South Sudan

I’ve learned not to underestimate the value of investing in youth and their dreams.

South Sudan_edited.jpg


I love the sense of accomplishment I feel when seeing our projects implemented, but it is never too long before I start dreaming about what’s next. 

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