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Neonatal Initiative
Location: Moyo, Uganda


Moyo General Hospital is the largest hospital in Moyo Province and receives the more severe cases like trauma and complicated births transferred from 20 lower-level health centers located in deep rural areas. Moyo Hospital delivers approximately 5,000 babies a year and many of these babies end up in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Far too many of these babies are lost due to power and water reliability issues and lack of proper training and modern equipment.

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  • Completed backup power solution for NICU at Moyo General Hospital

  • Provided supplemental support for vulnerable newborn twins

  • Provided emergency transport for newborn with spina bifida

  • Funded two new incubators for NICU at Moyo General Hospital

  • Sponsored three staff training programs including:

  • US medical travel team hands-on-training

    • Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care (CEmONC)

    • Tiny Feet, Big Steps Neonatal Conference (Advancing Care of Critically Ill and Premature Babies in Africa) in Arusha, Tanzania

  • Maternal and Fetal Health Outreach (kick count training, blood pressure and blood sugar checks, and baby bag distribution including emergency transport vouchers)

  • Ongoing baby formula support

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