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Meet Bruce Assime, Pipeline Worldwide’s Multimedia Director. His story is one of hope, love, and a search for identity after surviving the horrific Rwandan genocide in 1994. One of hundreds of displaced children, Bruce considers himself lucky to have survived death, but not lucky enough to stay with his family. Raised in Uganda, Bruce was only a baby when he was discovered lying in a trench by the Red Cross. From there, he was taken to a refugee orphanage where there was barely enough food and resources. Shortly after his arrival, that orphanage was shut down, but Bruce’s luck continued to forge on as he was one of four children chosen to be transferred to Watoto Child Care Ministries located in Kampala- a four-hour journey. Severely malnourished, Bruce struggled for the first few months getting accustomed to eating fresh meats and vegetables, but life was getting better.


However, while in high school, once a thriving student, Bruce began questioning his identity and self-worth. Being an orphan amongst his peers led to the depressed feeling of not belonging. This led Bruce on a search for answers, but after several attempts to find out his identity, he came up empty handed. Yet, a small voice assured him that he was not alone. Bruce began embracing his identity in God. This gave him the confidence to pursue a Higher Diploma in Multimedia and Animation at university, and eventually returning to Watoto as the head of the Creative Team part-time.


That’s when Bruce stumbled upon Pipeline Worldwide. In June 2018, while visiting Watoto, Bruce was introduced to Pipeline Founder, Jamie Nollette, who offered Bruce the opportunity to help document their trip with photos and video. “Jamie welcomed me. She loved me. Made me feel comfortable and welcomed me into her family. For the first time in my life, I felt like I belonged. Like I had a new family. Nothing beats this feeling”.

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