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Travel Diary – June 2022 – Day 7

Written by Aidan Wagner

We started our day bright and early with a 6-ish a.m. departure from Moyo to Gulu. The Nile River separated us from our destination so we needed to hop on a ferry for a short ride to the other side. Once on the other side, we had a long and bumpy bus ride to the refugee camp, where we saw a water and power container built by ASU students. Along with the business thoughts of the refugee camp, I got to teach some of the kids “YMCA.” Seeing their smiles made my day. Leaving the camp, we started our two hour journey to our hotel where we checked in real quick, just to leave again for the Soltere family home. Personally, this was the highlight of the day. The team got the opportunity to meet and speak with one of the two orthopedic doctors in northern Uganda. It’s amazing what he’s done and continues to do for his community. We then followed up by handing out toys to the wonderful boys and girls staying at the clinic. Finally… after a long day, we got to wait 3 hours for some delicious food, giving us enough time to spill our stories from the heart.

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Unknown member
Oct 27, 2022

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