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We understand that basic needs are the fundamental requirements that human beings need to not only survive, but thrive.

How We’ve Helped So Far

Provided Over

500,000 people


Clean Drinking Water

Provided Over

1,500 households


Solar Lights

Procured Over

in Donated

$10 Million

Goods and Services


Featured Project - Lonyi Village

This 3.4 acre humanitarian lodging and training campus in Moyo, Uganda will be the community catalyst for transforming a community.

St Monicas Washroom Renovation.jpg

St. Monica's Washroom Renovation

Pipeline Worldwide plans to repair and renovate the girls’ washroom, bringing it up to current building codes and safety standards, and re-establish a dignified facility for the girls to use for their daily routine and bathroom amenities.  With this renovation, the facility will be in usable condition for another 50 years.

Agugwe Village Water Project_2.JPG

Agugwe Village Water

Pipeline Worldwide installed a pump in an existing concrete tank that would pump water to the village via solar power.  This project has changed the lives of the entire village, saving countless hours of labor and reducing the risk of waterborne diseases.

Moyo General Hospital Lab Power Initiative.JPG

Moyo Hospital Laboratory Power

Reliable power is a significant challenge in Moyo.  Less than 12% of the population has access to electricity and the only hospital in the area has dedicated power approximately 60% of the time.  Hospital departments without backup power are in a constant state of emergency putting patients at risk.  Moyo General Hospital’s laboratory is one of those departments that is frequently without power resulting in downtime for the technicians and lab equipment performing critical tests and analysis essential to diagnosing and treating patients.  This downtown can last anywhere from a couple of hours to several days, and oftentimes, this can make a difference in the survival of a patient.

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