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Moyo General Hospital Lab Power Initiative
Location: Moyo, Uganda

Moyo General Hospital serves approximately 300,000 people.  About half are refugees from South Sudan and other war-torn countries.


Reliable power is a significant challenge in Moyo.  Less than 12% of the population has access to electricity and the only hospital in the area has dedicated power approximately 60% of the time.  Hospital departments without backup power are in a constant state of emergency putting patients at risk.  Moyo General Hospital’s laboratory is one of those departments that is frequently without power resulting in downtime for the technicians and lab equipment performing critical tests and analysis essential to diagnosing and treating patients.  This downtown can last anywhere from a couple of hours to several days, and oftentimes, this can make a difference in the survival of a patient.

Moyo General Hospital Lab Power Initiative_2.png


  • Analysis of system requirements

  • Request for proposals for solar vendors in progress

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