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Travel Diary - December 3, 2023

Written by Apollo Karugaba

Just as the sun sets at the end of the day, so did our ever so inspirational stay in Moyo come to an end. It’s very difficult to sum up our experience in words but off we had to go.

As anyone would expect, I imagined we would drive out of Moyo crestfallen, swinging about in the bus to the tunes of the bumpy roads hoping to catch the unpredictable ferry. However, to our surprise, there was the chairman sneaking up on us at breakfast to see us off. I assure you, it’s never a dull moment around him and a great reminder of why we love Moyo. We all enjoyed partaking of his enriching charisma and the forward thinking that he has for his people. He was a massive lift to our day and a reassurance that our time in Moyo was not in vain.

Our little meet-up at breakfast had to be cut short as we had to brace ourselves for the ride ahead back to Gulu. This time with a little optimism.

As we drove out of Moyo, I couldn’t restrain my mind from the gentle spin it always takes as we wandered through the mountains all the way to the ferry point. Good people, one must behold the rolling hills of Moyo. They lay low like a sleeping giant, yet majestically navigating the mighty river Nile. These hills shelter people whose past is regrettable, yet the same people stand so resilient and hopeful. Our visits across the district were met with open arms and eyes beaming with joy. I must admit, as we crossed on, the clumsily driven ferry, I smiled and thought to myself, one cannot remain the same after getting a taste of Moyo and her people.

Thanks to the newly paved road, we were back to Gulu in no time. We checked into our rooms for a little while and off we went shopping. We bought and delivered a variety of foods for Soleterre (A home for children with cancer). It’s the gratitude from the children and their caregivers that got us. A gift so small yet so enriching. And to crown off our day, we had a scrumptuous dinner with the ever-green Sister Rosemary and her friends. A heartfelt indulgence sprinkled with laughter and warm fellowship, marking our last night in Gulu.


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