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Travel Diary - June 22, 2024 - Dr. Susie Ponkey & Dylan Bernaud

Written by: Dr. Susie Ponkey & Dylan Bernaud

“We started the day with a hardy breakfast of spaghetti and gizzard at Nasera Suites in Moyo. The Pipeline team then arrived at Moyo General Hospital at 9:00 a.m. sharp, and we all dispersed to utilize our respective skills.

The first team consisting of Dr. Julieann (OBGYN) and Dr. Susie (OB) helped in the high risk OB clinic. They are in need of a new ultrasound machine and fetal monitors for labor (see tomorrow’s post). Julie and Donna, neonatal nurse practitioners helped with the premature babies in the NICU, and led an asphyxia training. They are in need of new incubators and baby heart monitors (see tomorrow’s post). 

Shea, Jake, and Lauren spent their morning shadowing the psychiatric and ENT department, hoping to get experience in their future careers. Dylan and Scarlett taught a “stop the bleed” training class for the emergency department to increase the survival rate of traumatic injuries. 

The engineers, Kelly, Susan, Bernard and Isaac, utilized their skills to address the inconsistencies in the power supply to the hospital. The rest of the group contributed by helping unload the huge shipping container filled with donated equipment for the hospital and staff. 

Later in the day, we were welcomed into the Agugwe village with a cultural performance. After introductions, we were entertained by a student choir that could have competed on America’s Got Talent! The community was blessed to have received our donation of books, school supplies and soccer balls. They sent us off to continue our trip by gifting us with chickens and fresh honey comb.

A perfect end to a beautiful day began with a prayer, followed by a meal enjoyed at the Multipurpose hall. We were fortunate enough to be guests at Pedro’s (Isaac’s son) fifth birthday celebration. 

Between various training classes, physician shadowing, and unloading the shipping container full of donations, it is safe to say that pipeline made a substantial long lasting impact on the Moyo community.”


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