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Travel Diary - June 24, 2024 - Josh & Susan Gray

Written by: Josh & Susan Gray

The power was out our last night in Moyo and the backup generator only worked for a few hours. This is common in Moyo and was a good reminder of how unreliable the grid is and how it impacts the hospital in particular. 

We ate our last breakfast in Moyo at the Nasera Suites hotel and loaded up the buses. We made a quick stop at Lonyi Village and reviewed the long term plan,  dreaming of Pipeline Worldwide’s future home and the impact we can make with our regional training center. The vision for Lonyi is more clear now that we’ve seen the need in the region. They need to know that Pipeline is here to stay, we’re invested in this community and we’re here to help them prosper - the meaning of Lonyi. 

We had to say goodbye to our new friend and brother Isaac, the Pipeline Project Manager. He wears many hats and is fighting to make a difference in Moyo every day. Our hearts are forever connected with Isaac. We’ll pray for him and his family until we can be together again. 

We timed our arrival at the Nile ferry perfectly!  With no delays, it was a shorter trip to Gulu. We appreciated being on smooth roads again!

It was very fitting that we ended the mission part of our trip with Sister Rosemary. We ate dinner at the St Monica Restaurant on the beautiful grass. The sunset was amazing!  We are so grateful to get to partner with Sister Rosemary and the incredible work she’s doing. Our hearts and bellies are full and we’re looking forward to the safari tomorrow.


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