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Household Solar Light Distribution
Location: Moyo, Uganda & nearby villages


Our objective was to provide a source of lighting for households in remote villages and healthcare facilities.  


Due to unreliable power to healthcare facilities many would frequently lose light at critical times when caring for patients.  Most remote villages do not have a reliable source of power for lighting and rely on oil, gas or candles for nighttime activities presenting safety and affordability problems.  Many of the recipients of these lights had never had a nighttime source of light.  This made evening travel dangerous and hindered their ability to read, sew, cook or perform other activities after dark.


Pipeline Woorldwide distributed 1,500 Namene solar lights to healthcare centers and remote villages in June of this year.  These are small (4” x 6”) lights that, when charged during the day, produce about 6 hours of light. 

Household Solar Light Distribution_2.JPG


  • Lights were distributed in June and surveys were collected in November to measure impact.

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