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Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Health Initiative
Location: Northern Uganda


Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus has answered the call to serve the least among us from the epicenter of bloody and violent civil wars that decimated northern Uganda and South Sudan. Armed with only a sewing machine, Sister Rosemary openly defied the Lord’s Resistance Army in their 20-year reign of terror.  Since 2002, Sister Rosemary has enrolled more than 2,000 girls who had been previously abducted by the LRA or abandoned by their families.


The Saint Monica campus in Gulu, Uganda teaches women to learn how to become self-reliant and change agents for peace and prosperity. In addition to their tailoring, catering, and Earn to Learn programs, the campus includes a health center III facility which includes a general outpatient clinic and maternity ward. There’s numerous health centers, schools, and orphanages that are also ran by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Through our partnership, we have identified needs at 5 of these organizations including Saint Monica’s Health Center III (Gulu), Moyo Babies Home (Moyo), Moyo Mission Health Center IV (Moyo), Atiak Health Center II, and Orussi Health Center III (Neebi).  Needs include power, water, structure renovation, and medical equipment.

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  • Donated medical equipment and supplies to several SOSH health centers and replenished supply for Menstrual Hygiene Management initiative which empowers and keeps young girls in school.

  • Continued support for St. Monica’s Learn & Earn program which provides paid training for tailoring and adult literacy education. This ongoing support is through our Life Tote initiative which also provides donated baby bags with essential supplies to expectant mothers at St. Monica’s Health Center. 

  • Donated 1,000+ baby blankets to St. Monica’s Health Center III.

  • Funded new water heaters, baby formula, and food supply at Moyo Babies Home 

  • Purchased software support for a broken ultrasound machine

  • Funded 50 new mattresses at Iceme Health Center III

  • Medical assessment, new wheelchair, and household supplies for disabled 14-year-old boy.

  • St. Monica’s Vocational School washroom renovation

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