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Travel Diary - June 21, 2024 - Donna Myers & Julie Sundermeier

Written by: Donna Myers & Julie Sundermeier

Today our Pipeline team started the day with a tour of Pipeline General Hospital. Dr. Julieann Heathcott and Dr. Suzie Ponkey met with Moyo physicians to conduct a clinic with high-risk OB patients. Julie and Donna met with Christopher Wasswa, the lead NICU RN, to discuss the NICU education plan and to distribute donations for the unit. 

The remainder of the team went to Lonyi Village to unload the shipping container filled with medical supplies and equipment that was shipped from Phoenix several months earlier and had recently arrived in Uganda. After several trips to the hospital to drop off the contents this huge project was complete!

Next, the team made a trip to the market in Moyo to purchase food and supplies for Moyo Babies’ Home. We also picked up antibiotics for the NICU. The Moyo hospital pharmacy had exhausted their supply of antibiotics for the babies. Currently when an infant requires antibiotics the parents are asked to go to the pharmacy and purchase them. Often parents do not have the resources to purchase the medication and the infants go without. 

At the end of each day at meal time the group shares our highs and lows of the day. Of course a highlight of our day today was time spent at Moyo Babies’ Home. This orphanage is run by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and cares for children from birth through age three. This organization operates solely on charitable donations. Pipeline has supported the orphanage by providing infrastructure, a borehole, a van, and water heaters. It was fulfilling to see the children enjoying suckers, balls, and games. Our hearts were warmed interacting with the children and hopefully made the children’s day a little brighter.

Another one of our highs was witnessing Shea Nolette, a college student studying audiology and speech, use her knowledge to communicate with a deaf mother on the postpartum ward.this mother had not been able to communicate effectively with the hospital staff. As we watched them we were touched by their interaction, which displayed how each member brings their own unique skill  and compassion to provide hope and help to the people of Uganda.



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