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Travel Diary - June 19, 2024 - Scarlett & Jacquelyn Heathcott

Written by: Scarlett & Jacquelyn Heathcott

Today we made the drive from Kampala to Gulu. Along the way we stopped for lunch and had the choice of a Samosa or a Rolex. Then we got back on the road and saw Baboons sitting on the street! Later we crossed the Nile River too!

Finally we arrived at the Gulu main market for some shopping. From the market we bought lots of food and other necessities for the people at St. Mary’s Hospital with Soleterre.

Soleterre is dedicated to helping kids with cancer. They work to spread awareness in the community to diagnose cancer early, provide transport for kids to get treatment, create accommodations for the caregivers staying with the children, and teach the kids while they are getting treatment so they don’t miss out on school.

At the hospital we played with some of the kids. We gave them candy, bouncy balls, soccer balls, fidget toys, chalk, coloring books, and more. We also handed out new shoes, hats, blankets and taught the women about the menstrual hygiene kits we brought.

We ended the day by dancing with the children to traditional music. We even created a conga line! Then we said our goodbyes and gave many hugs to all the wonderful, strong, brave, and kind children.



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