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Trevor's Story

A few months ago, Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe shared with the Pipeline Team her story of 14-year-old Trevor Rwothimio. At six months of age, Trevor underwent surgery to treat hydrocephalus (a condition in which an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid occurs within the brain) after his parents realized his head was growing at an alarming rate beginning two months after delivery. Around the age of walking, Trevor experienced weakness in his limbs and had to use a single crutch to stand or walk. As he got older, his upper limbs slowly failed which led to complete immobility and confinement. Even though Trevor is in good health overall and excels in school, Sister Rosemary reached out to Pipeline to see if Trevor could get some addition help with resources to improve his life. Answering the call, Pipeline Worldwide immediately provided Trevor with a new wheelchair, bedding, clothes, and food supplies! To top it off, the local radio station was in attendance when Trevor received his gifts. Afterwards, Trevor had this to say to Pipeline Worldwide: “I would like to thank the donor. God bless them so much and I’m feeling very well”.


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